• Slimline Sliding System

Slimline Sliding System


Slimline Sliding, Slim Frame Sliding, Narrow Frame Sliding, Minimal Sliding, Minimalist Sliding, Panoramic Sliding, Ultra Slim or Ultra Thin Sliding etc. are some of the expressions used for the newest popular sliding doors with a minimal visible aluminum profile and maximum size of glass. The common issue of those doors is how to balance the needs for performance and aesthetics. While MEDO Slimline Sliding System can well meet both needs.

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Aesthetics | Narrow Frame

The aesthetic advantage of slimline sliding doors is one of the main advantages: thinner profile, less intrusive and maximizing glass area.

Slimline sliding doors are frequently used in buildings with big openings that weights about 200-600kg to create a sliding glass wall with aesthetic product lines.

With Corner Sliding, the whole wall can disappear to provide 360° view.

The interlock is the vertical mullion where the sliding panels meet.

Many conventional sliding doors offer interlocks of between 35mm and 110mm. While slimline interlock is around 20mm.

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Saving Energy

With Polyamide thermal barrier technology, MEDO Bi-Fold Series help keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, subsequently reducing energy bills. In addition, a number of threshold options are also available to give further-improved weather performance.

High Security

High-security multi-point locking mechanisms are fitted on opening sashes, with shoot-bolt locking and internally glazed sealed units for added assurance.

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